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E transcription offers a comprehensive range of high quality cost effective, same day medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics and GP’s.  Our team prides itself on their accountability, integrity, innovation, and extensive commitment to all clients.


Our highly skilled legal transcriptionist and advanced technology allows us to process cost effective, high quality legal reports.   We provide legal transcription services to lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals all across Canada.


We have built our reputation on providing the highest quality of transcription, and customer service.  We are committed to providing solutions for all your dictation transcription needs.

Medical Billing

We provide full medical claims management service to physicians in Ontario. Our certified billing agent provides a comprehensive billing and accounts receivable service with customized reports on a monthly basis.

Our Advantages

So many good reasons to choose us!

COMMITMENT – We fulfill our promises!

At E Transcription, the client’s need come first and our team prides itself on their accountability and commitment to each client. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

SECURITY- We make security a priority!

Security is of utmost importance and here at E-Transcription we make security a priority. Our security measures are state of the art and we are constantly finding new ways to ensure that your information is as secure as possible. This allows us to provide a range of transcription services personalized to each of our clients industries. E-Transcription ensures a: Secure online transcription platform - monitored client access - and controlled file management workflow.

24 HOUR TURNAROUND- Same Day Services

As professionals we understand the importance of completing work in a timely fashion and it is for this reason that we provide same day service. We guarantee that your transcript will be completed within 24 hours and if not we will provide a full refund.

NO CONTRACTS- No Setup, upfront or other hidden fees!

Convenience, Reliability and Integrity these are the values we as company pride ourselves on; for this reason there is no setup involved and no upfront or hidden fees. As our customer we promise that we will only accept payment when you are completely satisfied with the work being done. No setup ensures that our services are as convenient as possible for our clients.

GUARANTEED QUALITY- With 99% accuracy or better

There are many options for professionals that find their time being eaten away in endless piles of paperwork however despite this it is difficult to find services that you can entrust with your paperwork. Let us assure you that your search is officially over we provide better than 99% accuracy in any transcript processed through our services and take great pride in the quality of our work.


Straightforward Pricing With No Hidden Fees

Being in full compliance with the billing standard set by ASMART we can assure maximum transparency.
We offer our clients competitive rates with no hidden fees that can be tracked from the convenience of their account.
We only charge for actual character keyed. For example: X¢ per line (Billed at the end of each month) Each line consists of 65 characters.
Numbers of lines are calculated by taking the total transcribed letters and keystrokes divided by 65. (i.e., 2000 keystrokes /65 characters = 30.76 lines)

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What Our Clients Are Saying

With over ten years in business, here are a few things our clients are saying about us
  • As a hospital, we are always hesitant to use companies as there is a possibility of security breaches and a lot of companies don’t realize how general transcription is not the same as medical transcription. Confidentiality is key and has never been jeopardized with E-Transcription. The accuracy and consistency coupled with the speedy quick delivery. E-Transcription provided my hospital with a customized experience to serve all of our needs.
  • Being in the industry of law, my time is limited. I will definitely be using their services again mainly because of the professionalism and quality work produced. They used our formatting and deliver the way we want it.

  • I used E-Transcription to transcribe several interviews and meetings, this was extremely urgent as I was faced with a fast-approaching deadline and I knew I was not going to make it on my own. I would like to thank E-Transcription for rescuing me and delivering my work as promised. Definitely exceeded my expectation.

  • We were astonished with the simplicity in uploading compared to other transcription companies we have tested out. It is all online, you upload and the download is there! The staff personally goes out of there way to address all concerns in the most friendly way possible. The best part is, they teach you how to do it all.